Dop Umbria - Bastione olio d'oliva extravergine di altissima qualità certificata


As ancient traditions, we cultivate centuries-old olive trees on stony and steep hilly terrain, at about 500 meters above sea level.The "Moraiolo" olive trees find their ideal habitat in these conditions.In fact, we need a draining soil, little humidity and perfect exposure to the sun to obtain the best olives from which we can obtain the precious Bastione DOP Umbria extra virgin olive oil.


Bastione Dop Umbria olive oil with an intense green color is tasty and elegant at the same time.It has remarkable longevity, a marked scent thanks to the massive presence of polyphenols and a very low acidity.On the nose it opens to the vegetal and fruity, rich in scents and reminds of fresh olive with notes of mountain herbs and artichoke.Its flavor denotes a perfect balance between its components, giving us a pleasant persistence in the mouth, with a strong, intense and enveloping taste.Its taste is harmonious, both spicy and bitter are present.It can be defined the SCENT OF THE TRUE UMBRIAN OLIVE OIL.


- Harvest period: October - November
- Cold extraction
- Appearance: unfiltered
- Color: intense green with golden reflections
- Acidity (oleic acid): 0.16%
Extra virgin olive oil must have an acidity below 0.8% and only the best oils can boast acidity below 0.3%. Our oil is far below this value as evidence of its high quality.
- Polyphenols: 485 mg / kg
The polyphenols give the oil stability, nutritional and health qualities.
They are considered the "scavengers of the arteries" as they fight cholesterol and free radicals. A good extra virgin olive oil must contain at least 200 mg / kg. Our oil has a polyphenol content higher than double what is commonly considered a good parameter.
- Bouquet: intense and decisive. Rich in vegetal notes of mountain herbs, artichokes, almonds and hazelnuts;
- Taste: decisive, intense balanced. Present both bitter and spicy
Dop Umbria - Bastione olio d'oliva extravergine di altissima qualità certificata