Dop Umbria - Bastione olio d'oliva extravergine di altissima qualità certificata


EXTRA VIRGIN OLIVE OIL D.O.P. UMBRIA of SPELLO "Colli Assisi Spoleto" monocultivar Moraiolo.

Why choose our oil:

  2.  Rich in POLYPHENOLS, precious allies of health, with more than the "DOUBLE" quantity of an excellent already certified extra virgin olive oil, (they protect cells from aging and oxidative stress);   
  3. TOTAL CONTROL AND SUSTAINABLE QUALITY from the LAND to the BOTTLE, with olive trees grown only on the COMPANY's land, with natural cultivation capacity, agricultural knowledge, extraction capacity;       
  4.  MILLENNIUM OLIVE TREES on the DOP ASSISI SPOLETO hilly area registered in the National Register of "HISTORICAL LANDSCAPES" of the Ministry of AGRICULTURAL POLICIES and candidate for UNESCO World Heritage Site;  
  5.  EXCELLENT QUALITY OF THE PRODUCT with very low degree of acidity, 1/8 of an already excellent certified extra virgin olive oil and rich in ESSENTIAL VITAMINS for our body;  
  6. LIGHT and DIGESTIBLE (one of the most digestible condiments of all);                                                                        click here for more information >>>

Olive trees: monocultivar moraiolo

"Dop Umbria" the recognized and certified quality of the oil.

For centuries our lands have been chosen for the cultivation of this extraordinary variety of olive trees and today as yesterday they represent an excellence in the production of extra virgin olive oil.We protect our product with quality guarantees certified by control bodies following scrupulous checks and analyzes throughout the production process.

The guarantee of the DOP UMBRIA CERTIFICATE

Dop Umbria is a guarantee of high quality olive oil.From cultivation to packaging, everything must be done in compliance with specific characteristics and traditions. Only the monocultivar Moraiolo of our hills can be Dop Umbria Colli Assisi and Spoleto. In addition to the precise characterization of the olive groves and the territory, it is necessary to observe specific production procedures. To be certified "dop" the olives must be pressed within a few hours of harvesting and the milling must be strictly cold, with constant temperature control during the manufacturing process. The olive oil obtained, after being examined by the protection consortium to verify its organoleptic and sensorial properties, must be packaged quickly so that it retains all its aroma and characteristics.

Our dop Umbria Bastione olive oil

We have always been committed to cultivating our olive trees respecting tradition and the territory, in a completely natural way.We like to proudly show the plants that we jealously guard and protect every year.An excellent product must have no secrets.From the cultivation of the land, to the harvest, to the milling to the packaging, transparency is the best guarantee.The Dop Umbria consortium certifies our work and our commitment.


Bottle 0,50 lt

Elegant 0.50 liter glass bottle.Ideal as a gift or to use at the table to embellish your dishes.


Can 3 lt

High 3-liter can is the most popular choice for shipping.


Can 5 lt

5 liter can.Ideal for those looking for simplicity and convenience.It is the most chosen format to save costs. buy>>>

Our company ... the future has ancient roots

Today, as in the past, we love to take care of our land and cultivate olive trees with the same natural techniques that have been handed down for generations.We are convinced that by drawing on ancient experiences from the past, wisely balancing them with new technologies, we can still improve a product that has always been recognized as an excellence of our territory.
Dop Umbria - Bastione olio d'oliva extravergine di altissima qualità certificata